PrintFile Micro Perforted Clamshell Box review

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Print Files micro perforated clamshell boxes looked like an interesting new option for archival storage. I have been using the old tried and true metal edge boxes for storage, but am always open to new things, so I bought a few to try.

Here is my review…

Within 10 seconds of unboxing I could see a major problem with the boxes. The sides sprung open excessively on both sides. I wrote to the company and they replied that is how they are made to allow easy opening and closing.

If you bend them back repeatedly you can get the side to close slightly. The photo above shows the best I could get it after multiple attempts. Maybe a hair dryer heating the plastic can help with retaining the set. (I didn’t try it.)

I like to use Post It Notes when working with the archive. Post It Notes wont stick to the boxes and drop off in short order. Any short term labeling will have to be done with tape. (Careful with Post It Notes for long-term marking, they can leave residue on whatever you put them on such as using them as book markers or on the face of a photo. )

But, the deal breaker for me is; the plastic they use is a static dust magnet. The boxes are very hard to keep clean. The box above is a brand new box after it was attempted to be cleaned. The dust just gets pushed around when you try to clean them.