Do Women Art Dealers Represent More Women Artists?


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Do women art dealers favor other women?

An Artsy analysis comparing the artist rosters of 199 female-run and male-run galleries will give an answer to this question.

Here are the findings from their study!

Well, one thing is for sure. If women stick to other women, there is a good chance they wont be sexually harassed (Unless the artist is a lesbi.)

From my years of work with museum placements, I have a rough idea that about 65% of the photo curators are women. (Could be 60% or 70%…just guessing.)

I used to be worried that the lady curators would not like my work due to female prejudices. But after extensive experience with photo curators, I can honestly say the women are not any worse than men when it comes to rejection. Curators of both genders seem to be equal opportunity snubbers!