Frozen Love…an early attempt at being artsy.

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When I was in my teens I didn’t have any direction with my photography.  I wanted to be a fashion photog, I wanted to be Cartier-Bresson. One day I wanted to be Jerry Uelsmann and the next I was all about Diane Arbus.  When an artist is starting out there is nothing wrong with being exposed to different styles and not having direction. But eventually the artist has to settle down on their own technique and style.

Pickwick Books Hollywood

Back then we were kinda in a vaccum. The only inspiration was from photo books and the photo mags. I would get books from the library or go to my fav hangout, Pickwick Books on Hollywood Blvd and study the latest photo books to get ideas.

One day while scouring the book racks I saw a negative print in one of the photo books and decided to give it a try for this blue cyanotype toned collage called Frozen Love.

Frozen Love Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

Frozen Love…an early attempt at being artsy – shot it in my late teens.

Well, it finally sunk in I had little talent for studio work or fashion photography and I was not the creative type for doing ‘artsy’ photos. But, the more I tried street photography, the better it felt about myself…and that is where I eventually ended up.

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