Women are taking over the art world!

Pucker Up!  (Candid)  infrared flash photo, Hollywood Blvd.

Selection from Women are Beautiful: Beyond Snapshot Aesthetics artist’s book

by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

I posted previously how I estimated that 65% of the curators I deal with at art museums are women. At some institutions that number is much higher.

Take a look at the Brooklyn Museum…89.4% women. Women are taking over the art world!


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Maybe women do a good job in this field cause they are patient and can follow instructions?  There is a humungous hierarchy of hoops for the curator to jump through in order to acquire a work of art. I would not last 1 day as a museum curator.


Look at this c. 1910 cyanotype…

Cyanotype blackface D. D. Teoli Jr. A.C (1)

I chanced upon it with less than a minute left before it was going to be sold.  No time to suck your thumb or you will miss out. That is how it goes when the curator is also a street photographer. A minute if a lifetime to them – they are used to making a decision in a blink of the eye and I was lucky to be able to add it to my archive.

Recently I sent out a mailer to 44 of the top art museums in the USA that collect photography. Out of 44 institutions, 38.63% had a male curator of photography and 61.37% had a female heading the photography department. So my original guesstimate of 65% female was not far off and in fact may be a little low.

The reason it may be low is; I based the 65% figure on a much larger sampling that included smaller museums where they are more likely to have woman in the position.