Fascinating 16mm film on Eastman House – covers early photography.

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in Honor of

Johann Heinrich Schulze  &  Thomas Wedgwood


My archive just started with collecting small gauge film this year. Here is a fascinating 16mm film on Eastman House I just had digitized. Covers early photography.

Although I’m an old school film photog, I don’t know much about movie film work – am learning on the job.  I opened a YouTube account at 10 minutes to midnight last night and put it up. Most of my film archive are probably not allowed on YouTube, so will put them up on the Internet Archive.

Old, small reel silent films are not that expensive to work with (generally speaking) They do add up if you have many hundred films to do. This is one of my more expensive film purchases at about $90 for a 5 inch reel. The 2K digitizing with associated DVD’s and files requested was about $175. So total spent on the project was about $265.

Some of my films only cost $2 or $3, so the cost of acquisition is negligible. The main cost is in digitizing, which I hope to do in the future myself if it is a silent film. The old acetate based films from the 20’s – 60’s are slowly succumbing to vinegar syndrome. Not much time to get them archived before they are destroyed. Polyester replaced the acetate, so modern films are pretty stable.

(Featured image is not from film and is for illustration only.)