Soy based ink and rancidity problems

First let me say I am no expert in this field. But I do know something about printing and I got a nose. Soy ink may in fact be fine and not be the culprit. It may be some other form of vegetable based ink…I don’t know which exact ink / component is the issue. But lately I have come across numerous printed materials that reek of rancidity.

The latest offender arrived in the mail today – a beautifully printed large format zine from MICA. I always look forward to the schools report, but this issue really stinks. I much preferred the old petroleum based inks. I can see how a boatload of rancid printed material is going to be a real issue for archivists.

Whether it is the ink, coatings, paper or whatever, the printing industry needs to get their ass in gear and fix the problem.