#MuseumsToo: what should institutions do when artists are accused of abuse?

They had an interesting article in The Art Newspaper on #MeToo outing artists that go too far. One of the artists mentioned was Araki.

What a fucking joke that is!

All they would have to do is watch the Araki movie to get a taste of how Araki works. Nothing hidden, Araki is upfront, he lets it all hang out…he is a lecher, proud of it and at peace with it.

Fair Use Photos



The Birth of Araki Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

 Birth of Araki

Concept and post processing of found photographs by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.


Araki and friend feasting on a girl – Fair Use

Artist’s are on a different wavelength than the general population…get used to it.  If you look for flaws, you will find them. Don’t make excuses for the artist. If you like their art then you have to take them with their proverbial warts and all. To produce the art they did…they needed to live the life they did.

アーティストは一般の人口とは異なる波長になっています…それに慣れます。 あなたが欠陥を探しているなら、あなたはそれらを見つけるでしょう。 アーティストには言い訳をしないでください。 彼らの芸術が好きなら、あなたは有名な疣贅とすべてでそれらを取らなければなりません。 芸術を創造するためには、彼らは人生を生きなければならなかった。

たわごとではありませんし、芸術家はあなたが狂った芸術を楽しむために純粋で完璧な人間でなければならないと考えてください。 あなたがそれらを好きでない場合は、あなた自身のgoddamnアートを行ってください。


Now, if the artist did something illegal, then fine, throw their ass in jail. But if it was not illegal, then it is just falls under personal opinion.

A while back there was a man-hating lesbian separatist that chewed me out for looking at her legs while she was painfully sitting next to me at a show.

If you are not familiar with these despicable women check out the SCUM Manifesto. (SCUM = Society for Cutting Up Men)


This lesbian felt it was ‘abusive’ to her to have a man look at her.  Well, I was not going to turn queer just to please that goddamn man-hater. This just underscores the fact that opinions are like assholes…everyone’s got one! And the only way to settle such an issue is to look towards the law.

私を信じて、憎しみに満ちたレズビアンは精神病のグループで、常にうつ病でいっぱいです。 彼らは通常、男性を滅ぼすために働く多くの意見や意見を持っています。 男性は、レズビアンが彼らにどのように激しくなるかを伝えたくありません。

Is it legal to do a thing?

If so, we can do as we like.


Let’s look at another example. Chuck Close was accused of telling one of his models that her pussy looked delicious. Chuck Close’s opinion was…the pussy looked delicious. The models opinion was…his comment was abusive. Chuck Close did nothing illegal that I know of.  The model was free to walk out if she was offended. So again, it all boils down to personal opinion.

chuck close via huff post

Internet Photo – Fair Use

Here is what the Huff Post said about this…

“Chuck Close Is A Giant Of The Art World. He’s Allegedly Also A ‘F**king Pervert.”


Jeeeeesus, in 2018 it seems that if a hetero man thinks that a gal’s pussy looks delicious, it is outrageous. Heterosexuality is not popular any longer…homosexuality is the rage!  Now,  if Close had been a cock gobbler, well, then he would have been idolized. Being a homosexual is not perverted…being a heterosexual…now that is perverted.

異性愛者が女の子の猫が美しく見えると思うなら、それは深刻です。 異性愛はもはや普及していません…同性愛は愛されています

To make matter worse, the new #MeToo trend is…saying yes (giving consent) does not mean yes…unless it is an ‘enthusiastic’ yes. When will the first charges of rape be made because the yes was not enthusiastic enough?


His Perfect Woman L.A. 1970s by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

I can see why there is a big interest in hi-tech sex robots. Sexual relations is getting more complex with every day that goes by. You had better audio or video record any agreement to sex nowadays.

…and don’t forget to ask…is that an enthusiastic yes?


The freedom of being an underground artist…

One of the benefits of being ‘underground’ is that you do not have to worry about offending anyone, poor sales, shows being cancelled or boycotts. As an underground artist you are free to pursue the work you like and do not have to do your art to please others.

The curators and art world already snub you like a homeless man offering them a proverbial sack of shit. Since you are underground…you got nothing to lose! You can be natural, you can work relaxed, be true to your vision and not be a phony.

Internet Photos – Fair Use

If you are a fan of Araki (or can look beyond your personal prejudices) there is a rare retrospective of his work at the Museum of Sex in NYC. It is there until August 31.


It is an outstanding show. I highly recommend it. My only complaints after attending were:

1) There were some photos removed due to the aforementioned model dispute.

2) The electronic device that was to give the text and details of the dispute was not working

3) There were no examples of Araki’s ‘Spermanko‘ work. (Photos that Araki jacked off on and had sperm dripping down them.) I talked with someone in the know about the missing spermanko photos. They said knowing the curator, it may have been due to her personal bias that caused them to be excluded.

I want to make it clear that this is all conjecture on their part. We can’t be sure of why the spermanko photos were left out. But if it proves true that the female curator excluded them due to personal prejudice, then this squarely falls under the auspices of…


Here is another article that goes into some detail about the complaint against Araki.


Original Article:



If you can’t make the show I shot hundreds of photos at the exhibit to blog on at a later date. I don’t have the time to post process them now and don’t want to steal any of the enthusiasm from the open exhibit anyway.

I was very pleased with some IR photos of Midori’s rope work from the show. The ropes stand out bright white against a jet black cave like entrance. They look spectacular!

Here is one sample…

Araki Midori Museum of Sex D.D. Teoli Jr.

Museum of Sex  NYC

Entrance to Araki exhibit.

IR flash photo by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.



Edit 1.5.19

I finally got to the photos from the Araki show. Here there are:

The Incomplete Araki…an Overview…MoSEX, NYC